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Yale Ivory Shoes
Yale Ivory Shoes
Yale Ivory Shoes

Yale Ivory Shoes

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A baby shoe that stays on:  Knit crossed cuff keeps these shoes locked on the baby’s ankle so they don't’ fall off, and a wide opening makes for easy on.
Ultra comfortable: material is soft against the skin while remaining breathable
Easy for parents: Wide opening and easy to put on. Resistant against stains and easy to clean - just wipe!  Also resistant to abrasions, so it won’t get ruined if your baby is crawling.
Safe for your child: Soft form-fitting soles (no elevation in any part of the shoe) - to help baby’s developing feet by not manipulating the surface.
  • Silicone leather material - Non toxic and eco friendly. this is a baby friendly, eco-friendly material, made of silicone composition. Babies can even chew on it and it’s very safe on their skin and it’s breathable
  • Reflective logo on the back makes seeing your child easier in dark settings

Safe for the planet: vegan friendly and made with UV-resistant silicone leather