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On Thursdays, we go to the Farmer's Market

One of our absolute favorite things to do in the summertime is to go to the Fredericksburg Farmer's Market! Eliana and Ezra look forward to it all week, and really, so do I. It is a night to eat outside, relax, shop for fruits and veggies for the upcoming week, and share a bottle of wine with friends. The best part is that it is so much fun for kids and grown ups alike.

So, every Thursday from 4 - 7, we head over to Adelsverein Halle at Marktplatz for the best Farmer's Market ever!

Eliana's pick for dinner is always Nury's. Nury's is a local restaraunt in town with 3 locations! They have one on Washington that serves breakfast and lunch, a location on Main that serves lunch and dinner, and a fantastic food truck out at Münch Food Park (which will get its own blog post soon!). At the Farmer's Market, they serve ceviche, corn on the cob, street tacos, and quesadillas. You can choose asada (steak) or pastor (marinated pork) for your tacos or quesadilla.  They normally have an agua fresca as well! Eliana always gets an asada quesadilla. Pro Tip: They only take cash, so hit up the ATM on the way!


Ezra always skips Nury's and heads straight to the wood fired pizza oven! They are the absolute sweetest and have amazing bread and pizza. Because he is dairy free, Ezra gets the pizza margherita without cheese. I always go with their special! They accept cash or Venmo, so again, hit that ATM if you need to! 


While you can always pick up a bottle from your favorite winery, there is always a winery at the Farmer's Market where you can purchase something fantastic! On hot days, a chilled white or rose is always my go to, but they usually have a red available as well. You can always buy by the glass, but I always skip that and get a bottle for the table! Pro Tip: Bring your own pretty glasses if drinking out of clear plastic cups doesn't make your heart happy! 



The kids also love to play at Marktplatz when they are done eating. Ezra brought his bike last night and had a blast riding around! 


Between eating and dringking and playing, don't forget the wonderful produce, flowers, cheeses, baked goods, and seafood available! There is definitly something for everyone! 



Whether you are local for generations, or just visiting for the week, the Farmer's Market is THE place to be on Thursday evening!