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Meet the Liebeskind Family

In the fall of 2017, I forgot about picture day until the night before! Poor Ezra! I scoured Bealls and Walmart and came up empty handed. Finally, I found something adorable at the only children's boutique in Fredericksburg. It had always been my go to place to find adorable kids clothes in the Burg. But, I realized that Eliana had outgrown their size range, and Ezra was quickly doing the same. So, in an effort to never have to drive to San Antonio again, I convinced my mom to open a boutique with me. And we have been working and expanding ever since! 

So let me introduce everyone! 

First, my mom is Kathleen, and I am Katherine. We absolutely love getting to work together every day! You will usually find Kathleen at the front desk, and I am usually in the back working on the website or monogramming something adorable. Together, we make a perfect team.

One of our favorite people in the whole world is here a few days a week to help out at the front desk. Dee Dee is a spitfire who keeps us on our toes and laughing all the time! Liebeskind wouldn't be the same without her, and we are so blessed to have her.

This summer, we are so excited to have Kylea with us. She is a teacher in the area, and works on Sundays during the school year. But this summer, she is here a few days a week. She brings so much fun to Liebeskind!

And finally, Eliana gets to work with us this summer! She is learning the business and working so hard.

And, we couldn't do it without the rest of the family and all of their support! My dad, Michael, my husband, Jaysun, and of course, sweet Ezra, are always ready to pitch in and lift something heavy, ferry the kids to school and practice, and just generally be there when we need them! 


It is absolutly amazing to fill my day working with my favorite people, doing what I love!  So, stop in and say hi next time you are in town! We can't wait to see you!